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Wifi transfer fails with TJ 1.3 on iPad running iOS4.2.1

Posted: Sat Dec 04, 2010 8:03 am
by klontart
I cannot get Wifi transfer to work with TJ on my iPad.

I follow instructions to the letter, enable the server on TJ, but the moment I try to connect from my Mac I get a "Connection Failed. There was an error..." popup on the Mac, the moment I hit the connect button.

The wifi setup is fine. When I try to connect with GoodReader (using the same IP btw) everything is fine.
I also made sure to kill TJ and restart, but to no avail.

This used to work, btw, but that was before I upgraded the OS. Not sure if it's the OS though, maybe I tried it on an older version of TJ.

The status now is that I cannot get my tracks out of TJ into my Mac. :(