Ipod 4G, Latency issue and multitouch

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Ipod 4G, Latency issue and multitouch

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Hi Jesse,

First of all, congratulation for this application which is for me the best of its category, with an incredible quality of sound.

I'm playing with your application since 1 month now.
I've buy the Ipod touch 4G (32Gb) and I especialy use it to record and play music. I'm musician (playing clarinet)and I use ThumbJam (v 1.3) to create bass loops to jam with and I use it to create new songs.

Unfortunately I've a very bad Latency issue with the Ipod touch 4G and the multi-touch does definitively not work.

A very important think is that these 2 problems does not appear on a Iphone 4G. On the Iphone 4G there is no latency (the response when I touch the glass surface is instantly) and the multi-touch works fine (2,3,4,5 fingers on the piano is not a problem)

The problem occurs only on an Ipod 4G. The latency (the moment my finger touches the screen and the moment actual sound comes) with one finger is not dramatic when I just play. But when I need to record a loop with the metronom and the tempo is speedy, the latency issue is strongly uncomfortable (about 10ms). Recording 3 instruments for a loop is not possible with high precision. (This problem does not occurs on Iphone 4G)

The second problem is the muti-touch.
Piano with 2 fingers: I touch the screen with 2 fingers togheter and, very important, I leave the fingers on the screen. The latency on the Ipod 4G is about 300ms!, until the sound comes.
if I strike the screen (I touch the screen then I withdraw immediately) with 2 fingers, it render the sound without latency.
Playing with more than 2 fingers does not work on Ipod touch 4G.
(This problem does not occurs on Iphone 4G)

Before I buy the Ipod touch, I've verified the difference between the Ipod and the Iphone 4G.
The spec says that both work with the same A4 processor. Both have the Retina Display (mutitouch support). The only difference with display is the “Contrast Ratio” (IPS) only implemented on the Iphone 4G.

The Ipod touch has ony 256MB of ram. Ovewer I alway uses ThumbJam in stand alone to decrease this convenient.

This is the reason I write this reports in the BUG forums since I'm not sure these problem is related to the hardware of the Ipod touch but perhaps a problem in your code.

Thanks for ThumbJam and for your time.
Warm whishes


If I touch the screen

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