Loop delay and stuff

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Loop delay and stuff

Postby darkmata » Thu Jun 06, 2013 9:51 am

Firstly i just have to say that this App has blown my mind and is what i have been looking for ever since apps came out and a great price too! props to the maker, is it Jesse i should be referring to?……….., i have paid a lot of money on apps in search for greatness and this is really close……..close but missing a few really important features imo
I'm basically wanting to simulate what i do with Ableton's live looping capabilities and i love how in Ableton, you can give temporarily apply send effects to individual loops.
It's really cool how you have put a reverb send on each available loop but shouldn't that have opened the door to putting delay as well? I just love muting a loop track and having a wagging tail of delay woof away!

There doesn't be a way of soloing a track, apart from the mixdown process, which is hard to use without the audio stopping. I have figured out to press at the very end of the loop to minimize the gap of silence but it's just not really usable for a live jam thing. Yes i know you can turn all the others off of course but i'm screamin out for a solo button…. I do have an idea about that,…. it would be awesome if you could have another box where the mixdowns would go so you could access them quick (easy organisation of loops when you have more than 5 loops going)….having that and a solo button with the loops would be great for songwriting, easy verse/chorus switch if your singing to your stuff and making it all quickly for live stuff. I really like how the App Loopy HD works in the way you can merge multiple tracks together by dragging and dropping and Loopy has a good system for midi bindings….which brings me to my last (for now) wishlist feature…

Midi mapping capabilities, i won't really get into it as it's been mentioned i can see but it would be so awesome if i could plug my Korg kontrol into this baby and have full control over everything.

Ok sorry it's not my last request, whilst i'm getting it all out, this is asking probs a lot…..vocal orientated effects would be awsome…although i can use something in Audiobus but i like to have access to the loop controls for capturing and layering several vocal loops.

Thanx for making such an amazing App….The way i see it is that this shit is a game changer already but with a few more intuitive control options….umm i really don't know what to say, i wish i could say something bigger here...but…it would be even better!

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Thanks! You made some good

Postby Jesse » Thu Jun 06, 2013 1:53 pm


You made some good suggestions there, most of them possible without too much hassle. Probably if there was to be more focus on the loop mixer it would obviously need a total redesign to handle more FX, solo, etc. The mappable MIDI bindings are definitely on the roadmap already.

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Thats great to hear about the

Postby darkmata » Fri Jun 07, 2013 6:17 am

Thats great to hear about the midi bindings! I figured as much with the loop mixer would need a redesign, it would be sweet! Oh and another thing that is cool is a mute button that only muted when you touched it so you could get some sweet stuttery type effects happening, like the Korg KP3. I mentioned this on another thread but i don't think anyone saw it.

Keep up the good work and thanks for replying Jesse :)

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