Multi-timbral and CC11 please

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Multi-timbral and CC11 please

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Hi all, I've been using MIDI expanders from the likes of Roland and ORLA for years and years. More recently the PC has been my favorite music maker and only very recently did I take the plunge and buy an iRig and the Thumbjam app.
While Thumbjam performs remarkably well it does fall down in one key area and that is that it is limited to 2 simultaneous instruments AND those seem to be tied to MIDI channels 1 and 2.
MIDI accordions for example transmit on channels 1,2,3 and 4.

The piano keyboard on channel 1 or (1 and 4), Chords on channel 2 and Bass on channel 3.

Accordionists the world over would love to be able to use something like an iPad or iphone to replace their cumbersome equipment!

Would it be possible in the future to provide 3 or 4 simultaneous sounds and would it be possible to assign each of them to any of the 16 channels.

Finally CC11 (expression) is used to control volume via bellows pressure and I dont think this works on thumbjam.

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