Thanks for 2.3 ..some more ideas

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Thanks for 2.3 ..some more ideas

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Hi Jesse, I just wanted to pass on my biggest thanks for the latest update 2.3 is great (after a week of re-orientation cos i had got used to dealing with portrait in landscape mode so all buttons are now 90 degrees from where I rememeber them :) but haiving everything laid out is fab.

a few ideas for your consideration,

1. movable sustain pedal
is there any way you could programme a "movable" sustain pedal, i see that now in landscape mode, it floats high and to thte left, I had suggested it low and in the middle like a space bar..I wondered if it would be possible to for instance, double tap the sustain pedal key in the menu and then HOLD to activate a placement mode where a user could drag the sustain pedal to the best place for the user?

2. I love the way that the (b#) button, brings out a sub menu that sits unobtrusivley at the top of the screen, I wondered if you had thoguht of something similar for the loop mixer, my reasoning is, the more I use the looper the more it becomes something i need to access very quickly and constantly during performance to mute parts. a "shortened" version of the mixer menu with just a set of the speaker icons with a number for each to sit under the record and start/pause icons would give us loopers some really good performance options without having to dig two layers down in loop>mixer

3. is there a way to make the "keep current scale key" setting within sound > change instrument a sticky setting between closing thumbjam?? at the moment i have to rememebr to re-reset this to on every time, and I always forget meaning the first time I swap instruments in the middle of a performace i end up falling out of key til i rememebr its that setting, then i lock it to ON and I am good to go until i close thumbjam (which can be a couple of times during a set to save memory when working with other big synth apps)

thanks so much for your continued support

by the way, I am prepping my favouite sounds from the Yamaha MU5 module for use in thumbjam, I will let you hear them when I have sorted out some loop point glitches.

all the best

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