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A mad fever dream perhaps

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 11:47 am
by mojofunk
I have been absolutely loving Thumbjam for some time now, especially since the addition of Midi Clock. In one context I use the magnetic iPad cover to stick the tablet to a music stand which is angled towards the audience so they can see what is going on as I manipulate Thumbjam - it's rather a hit. It adds a lot of flavor to what is otherwise a soul/rock acoustic duo. I also often send clock to Modrum, and draw audio loops of drumming from its Looper slot. Clock sync works beautifully.

The most fun for me I think is to loop guitar in Thumbjam via Jamup and audiobus. I like TJ better than Loopy as a destination. Here's where the fever dream comes in - I woke up this AM with a vision in my head of the mixer functions being built into the loop display of the main playing surface - the little opaque bars on the screen representing the loops could have the speaker icon appended (for muting) and the touch volume control could be applied to the loops bar, and the x at the other end for deleting. The same stuff that is in the mixer panel, but so much more accessible! I think I would be inspired to make my music evolve more frequently and organically if these features were not a few clicks deep within the interface.

I cannot overstate how much I enjoy the fantastic musical instrument you have created, and I am loathe to suggest something that would undoubtedly be a lot of work to implement, but wow would it ever be cool! Thanks so much, ciao!