Large buttons option for live performances

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Large buttons option for live performances

Postby supadom » Fri Aug 17, 2012 11:35 am

Hi. I downloaded this app today and really enjoying messing with it. I'm looking at replacing my kaossilator pro as a live looping machine as it is very limited in memory department and also does not allow for other time signatures then 4/4. The one major drawback in thumbjam for me would be therefore the size of the controls, especially the ones in red such as mic and instrument recording. Also it would be nice to have a one click instrument access and maybe garage band style undo button? I guess the large controls could be a zoomable option somewhere within the settings. Thanks in advance. Dom

Ps. I owe about 15 paid music apps on my iPad but have been always going back to garage band. However for real time looping g b is no good so big thumbs up for the thumbjam!

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