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Sister app request

Posted: Thu Jul 14, 2011 5:41 pm
by ndelc
I LOVE ThumbJam - it's one of the coolest apps on my iPad, but it's not quite what I really need for live performances. I would love to see a sister app from you guys.

I'm a performing musician, and what I really want is an app that has a library of great REAL INSTRUMENT sounds like ThumbJam does, but ones that I can edit and save and then quickly access from my iPad which would be hooked up to a MIDI keyboard. It doesn't need a sequencer, and it only needs a keyboard for editing sounds without a MIDI controller. I have a Yamaha W7 that I've been using for years and basically what I want is the brain of the W7 on my iPad, only better. There are a few apps that sort of work, but nothing that seems like it has been designed for this use. What I'd really love to see is the instruments that are already available on ThumbJam, along with lots more of the same quality, with a bit more in regards to editing options for the instruments, and then an interface that would allow a live musician to quickly go from one to the other while performing. I'm envisioning something like the way you have the drum pads set up, and each rectangle would be a different instrument, but the user could also rearrange them in any order they want, kind of like the app icons on iOS. The ability to split the keyboard with different instrument assignments would be great too. For instance, a piano on C1 through C3 and a Synth from C#3 on up, saved as one selection. I would love you guys to do this because ThumbJam is such well designed app, and the instruments are such high quality. I've purchased several other iPad apps that have been really disappointing.

Anyway, if you are interested in creating an app to fill this void, I'd be more than willing to help test it and give feedback.