Feature request: assign CC to X-axis

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Feature request: assign CC to X-axis

Post by midiscripts »

Hi ThumbJam dev,

I would live to ask for a feature in Controls section. ThumbJam is very usable as a midi out instrument to control other synth.
It would be amazing to assign CC to X-axis (also Y-axis and finger if possible) to improve performance expression.
Here is a use-case.

Let's say I control some synth with ThumbJam via midi out. If TJ can send CC data I can assign filter cutoff or some any other parameter (or set of them) and play with it in real-time! It would provide next level of performance capabilities.

Thank you!

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Re: Feature request: assign CC to X-axis

Post by Jesse »

You can already do this with certain settings in the Controls section. For instance if you choose volume as X-axis it will then send your choice of CC7 (volume), channel pressure, or key pressure, depending on which you've enabled in Prefs->MIDI Control (Output options section). Or, if you set Pan to X-axis *or* Y-axis and you enable sending pan in the prefs it will send CC10. So, no you can't pick and choose what CC is used (which would be ideal, i agree) it is possible to get something out if you can control how it works at the destination.

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