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2.0 inspirations

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 4:54 am
by senrabad
Thumbjam is and always has been The best app for musicians. Congrats on v 2.0.
I've been pining for a midi update so I can use my wind controller with it--now it's here...but..
Itsure would be great to be able to map continuous controllers to the Controls section. I see that you have a setting to use key pressure, but that's only one controller and I'm not sure what it maps to.

While I'm at it, here is a fun feature suggestion: Instead of just octave displacement choices (in the audio to midi bar) how about the ability for step or scale degree displacement? Instant harmony! Just a notion!

Can i paypal you or something in gratitude for the awesome 2.0 upgrade?

Thanks again, and I'm serious about the paypal thing.

Does your wind controller

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 12:52 pm
by Jesse
Does your wind controller send channel pressure events, rather than key pressure (aftertouch)? I should probably add a generic midi binding section to let you pick and choose what to listen to for each controllable parameter type. Should those be a global bindings, or should it be tied to user storable presets?

I had considered adding non-octave steps in the input control mode, but really, it would be cool if it created *additional* played notes, so you it then harmonized with itself rather than just with your input?

As for donations, go here if you really want to, thanks!

Thanks for the reply. To

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 4:46 am
by senrabad
Thanks for the reply.
To answer your question about midi bindings: I think it needs to be a user-storable preset. What works for me or my controller may not work for others.
Some synths (hardware or otherwise) store the conyroller mappings and depths per voice, which is nice but a lot of work. I actually find it more useful to use synths that store a global mapping for all voices.
If thumbjam would allow me to set cc numbers for the items in the control menus, i would be thrilled!
Maybe a midi button alongside each of the sets of vtilt, etc buttons? or a central midi cc mapping dialog? Those would both be ok with me. It would also be handy to set glide times etc with portamento controllers 5 and 65.
On the question of my wind controller, it can send either breath, aftertouch, or expression pedal with breath pressure. It can also send a fewvother messages, but not in response to blowing. Being able to map breath (cc2) to volume or filter params is my big need, but other mappings will be handy.
On your 3rd question, yah, harmonizing with itself would be definitely cool, as long as it could be set on or off. I'd enjoy that with a keyboard, but not when I'm playing wind controller as it is mostly monophonic.
I'm off to donate at least a small amount. Thanks for the cool app, etc.

Hey, here's an idea for midi

Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 4:09 pm
by senrabad
Hey, here's an idea for midi ccs that would leave the rest of your great ui un-polluted by midi stuff:
Just have a midi cc dialog that maps cc numbers to your existing controllers,
E.g. We could set cc X = htilt and cc Y to xaxis, etc.
You cOuld add other things later, e.g ccs for glide mode or glide time.
We'd just set up instruments as usual then add midi cc stuff if needed.
Just a thought.