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Posted: Wed Sep 08, 2010 8:54 am
by SeanMPuckett
Very impressive app. Just a couple suggestions.

1) Customize background, either for the entire app or on a per-instrument basis. Just allow us to select an image from the camera/photo album as a background and store it in the instrument. If a JPG or PNG is included in the sample set, load it as the background (two different filenames, one for iPad, one for iPhone, would handle the proportion differences). Also allow deleting the background from a sample set. This would be particularly good with one-shot instruments. (Honestly, I just don't like the mottled background on iPhone and want to change it to just the plain grey of the iPad. Further customizing as described above would be a bonus.)

2) Sample renaming. I don't see how to edit the names of my one shot samples to get descriptive names like the ones included with e.g. the drum kits. I'd like to have titles on my drum pads. Should be easy to toss a text edit field on the Edit Sample form?

3) Change hit size of Key change buttons. Make the key change buttons a bit more forgiving about where they are tapped -- make the buttons bigger and/or put a no-hit background behind them. Since key changes are pretty common during performance, I'd prefer if it was easier to actually change the key and harder to mis-hit any pads under the key change buttons. It sounds sloppy in front of an audience.