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Make it 2D ?

Posted: Sat Jun 19, 2010 11:28 am
by prourou

I was wondering what you thought about making thumbjam's "keyboard" more 2D ? the idea would be to add to the vertical axis of notes (y), an horizontal axis (x) that would modify the sound.
For example : imagine a guitar sound on y, and an octaver on x that would play... well the octave. or the fifth, or whatever. more to the left = fade in the octave more. what you get ? artificial feedback sound simulation !
Imagine having a wah-wah effect, a chorus, a filter, stutter, cutoff, resonance, etc. the possibilities are endless.
Obviously, this idea is inspired by the Haken Continuum, and it makes sense to have this kind of feature following up on the wonderful addition of JR Zendrix to Thumbjam.

Thanks, keep on the good job with these i-instruments !