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MIDI Out: Poly Pressure, "Finger Vibrato", Legato

Posted: Mon Aug 30, 2010 8:58 am
by ughoenig
I have some suggestions regarding MIDI out on TJ.

- The addition of poly pressure. This would work like the existing controller for pan/volume on the x axis, but on a per-note base. Next to velocity, poly pressure is the only per-note controller with MIDI and it would be a great addition for a touch screen instrument.

- Pitch bend by dragging the finger up/down (left/right when horizontal) away from a note. This would work with the "Drag Changes Pitch – Off" play mode (despite the name ;-) and should be very useful on iPad as well, where tilting isn't always the best choice for pitch bend. Maybe the sensitivity/range/curve of dragging for pitch bend could be adjustable.

- A translation of TJs "legato" to MIDI out. I seems that the notes played don't overlap when being transmitted over MIDI and legato is on. If they would, the legato functions of external synths could be used.

It would be great to have those... thanks for considering.

A PS to newbie MIDI out users, at least on Mac: Be sure to create and use an ad-hoc network from your Mac for MIDI transmission. The latency is wayyy smaller compared to using your standard w-lan router!