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Jesse, do you think TJ will

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Jesse, do you think TJ will work with the Akai Synthstation25: www.akaipro.com/synthstation25 ???

It would be ideal if the Synthstation25 keyboard will play TJ, and still be able to play TJ on the iPhone touchscreen.

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O.K. It seems everyone

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O.K. It seems everyone working on a PC or MAC using a DAW has the pulse of how beneficial Thumbjam is as a midi controller.


What seems to be missing is live performance applications using thumbjam and it's awesome scales and playability to control physical keyboard instruments. I would love direct midi control out of thumbjam on an itouch or ipad that goes directly into my keyboard (Korg M3M) that would enable me to use the devices in a live performance without a computer.

Is there a way either wirelessly Bluetooth or wifi get out of thumbjam into a midi port
using something like M-Audio MidAir Wireless MIDI Transmitter and Receiver System?
http://keyboards-midi.musiciansfriend.c ... sku=700538

or what about using the new line 6 midi mobilizer with wires to directly control my keyboard?
http://www.engadget.com/2010/03/21/line ... u-ever-ex/

Or is there another way I don't know about?

Thanks for chiming in and sharing your thoughts!

Thumbjam is the greatest iphone app ever!!!!

Steven S.

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Yes, there will be several

Post by Jesse »

Yes, there will be several ways to get physical wire (or wireless) midi output in the next version. The Line6 MIDI mobilizer will be supported, as well as CoreMidi which allows for either wifi (with any mac) or physical midi I/O with the iPad camera connection kit and a USB->Midi adaptor (even one like the m-audio product you mentioned).

Your wishes will soon be granted :)

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this all sounds great regards

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this all sounds great regards midi support. will this include uploading a polyphonic midi file to my mac? i'm working on compositional application of thumbjam and this would be tremendous

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Probably won't have midi file

Post by Jesse »

Probably won't have midi file download support in the next version. I'm attempting to hold off on any more new features until the next version can be properly tested and released. I'm sure you will all agree that it has been too long already.

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Jesse - been reading all the

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Jesse - been reading all the features you're planning for the next release. Can't wait...don't want to pin you down but how much longer will you keep us in suspense?

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