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by Dauber
Tue Nov 08, 2011 12:52 am
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Interval name options
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Interval name options

<t>Forgive me if this has been mentioned already, but I have two requests regarding interval names:<br/> <br/> #1, I need to turn on "use interval names" every time I launch the app; I wish it would remember this preference.<br/> <br/> #2, I would really like to be able to use the interval designati...
by Dauber
Tue Feb 08, 2011 2:42 am
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Isomorphic Layout
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Isomorphic Layout

<r>First, I want to say that ThumbJam has become my absolute favorite app: I was able to make a crazy tuning in Scala, send it to ThumbJam, set up a key layout with one octave in a row of wide keys below two octaves in a row of thinner keys (turning the iPod sideways) with exactly as many keys per o...