How to set up a scale

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How to set up a scale

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Im going to sound like a complete idiot. I have no idea what the keys mean when trying to create a custom scale.
How do I associate a scale key with a note; i.e., C, G ,G#? By key, I mean the little buttons labelled P, M, T

Any help is most appreciated.

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Those are just the

Post by Jesse »

Those are just the abbreviations for the official names of the intervals in a scale. Since a scale is independent from a specific key, you specify the intervals from a "root". The buttons are layed out like a piano keyboard which gives you a reference point when your key is C. Basically, if you pick C as your key first, then go into the scale editor, you've got the white and black keys there, where C will be the bottom (P) note, etc. When you select a button you'll see the scale change on the play area so you can see what note names you've added to the scale. If you want to start with a different key, that key will be the (P) note, and you'll see that reflected in the play area when you select other intervals.

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