Rolling, mute quantize, vocoder?

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Rolling, mute quantize, vocoder?

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Hey - this is my first time posting. I love ThumbJam, and I just though I'd mention a few things that I thought would be cool.

I noticed, in a new drum app, that if you run your finger in circles on the drum head, it does a drum roll, and the faster you move your finger, the faster it rolls. I was thinking that something similar would be cool for TJ - you could select a "roll" option under "Drag Changes Retrigger," under sample.

Also, a quantize to mute would be nifty. I'm a huge fan of Everyday Looper, and I think that their track controls are great - a more interactive interface would be awesome. Though the current one for TJ is very functional.

I know that it's probably not very viable, but I would die for a live vocoder. That would just be so cool.

Also - looking around the forum, I saw that someone mentioned an option to create your own scale by selecting notes. A really really really useful tool would be if you could select notes, and then have that scale identified! Or also, a chord identifier.

Ummm... Just a few things I've been thinking about. Can't wait for the next update!


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