Distortion when saving loops in 2.5

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Distortion when saving loops in 2.5

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I'm having a big problem with Thumbjams latest version. Whenever I try to either save a loop, or pause a loop and restart it, the playback becomes horribly distorted and unlistenable once there are more than three or four recordings in the loop. It's all midi, with no mic or imported recordings, and TJ is not interconnected with any other apps on my phone. Saving mixdowns results in a listenable file, but that's about it - all of my old loops, and any new ones I attempt to create, all have the same result. I never had this problem on 2.4.2. Is there a fix or a way to possibly reinstall the older version? I'm on a 4S with the latest IOS.

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Re: Distortion when saving loops in 2.5

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This is as a result of the new time stretch capability loop engine. Your 4S doesn't have the CPU juice to handle it with several loops, it appears. You can disable the new time stretch feature and get it back to the old way by turning off the Prefs->Options->Loop Timestretch Enabled switch. Once you do this you won't be able to really use Ableton Link sync anymore, but it should act like it used to in terms of CPU usage.

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