polyphony in ThumbJam

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polyphony in ThumbJam

Postby massmaniac » Wed Mar 25, 2015 4:48 pm

I have had ThumbJam for ages, just love it. For a non-keyboard (sax) player like me, I really get into paying with the controller to control the expressiveness.
I recently purchased midimux and audiomux and FINALLY figured out how to get it all set up (whew!).
In setting it up, however, I saw that ThumbJam has 16 different channels available.
And when I looked into the ThumbJam preferences/options, I saw that I could set the max polyphony (it was set at 16, so I assume that is why 16 channels showed up in Logic Pro).

Is THumbJam multitimbral?
How do I set up different channels, so that I can control them individually?


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Re: polyphony in ThumbJam

Postby Jesse » Tue Apr 07, 2015 10:15 am

Yes, ThumbJam is multi-timbral. It has 8 slots where you can load separate instruments, and when the midi input channel base in Prefs->MIDI Control is set to a number (e.g. , NOT omni) they can be controlled by adjacent midi channels (starting with the number you set as the channel base). To get to the splits/slot page, on iPad hit the button that looks like [ | ] on the toolbar, then you'll see a 8 slot buttons where you can load additional instruments. On iPhone you get there by first popping up the key change (#/b) panel and then the [ | ] button. Once you set up a configuration you like, you can save it as a Multi preset (Prefs->Save Preset, and choose Multi) so it will restore the whole thing when you load it. You don't have to use splits, it's the slots that matter for multi-timbral purposes.

Incidentally the polyphony control effects how many simultaneous voices can be sounding at once for each instrument, nothing to do with channels.

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