Transpose via MIDI control

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Transpose via MIDI control

Post by erniethepiper »

Is there a way to transpose the key of an instrument under MIDI control? I’ve tried using CC messages of

101 = 0
100 = 2
6 = 76

Sent from LoopyPro into ThumbJam to raise the octave but with no success. I’m not sure if those particular messages for registered parameter numbers (RPN) are supported in ThumbJam or not.

What I’m trying to accomplish is the ability to modify the key of an instrument with automation from LoopyPro. My setup is a WARBL whistle controlling ThumbJam and sending audio into LoopyPro. I’ve been successful at changing instruments with the push of a widget button in LoopyPro but to get the octaves right between a high d whistle and cello I needed to modify root octave settings inside the samples within ThumbJam. The method works so far but now, to have a quick change of keys, I’ll need to create more instruments within ThumbJam, each having a different root note target within the sample library. Doable, but a bit of a hassle.

I know I can always change the transpose setting in ThumbJam MIDI input settings but it’s a bit buried in the menu to do on the fly for live performance.

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Re: Transpose via MIDI control

Post by Jesse »

There isn't a way to remotely change the transposition in ThumbJam via MIDI right now, unfortunately. Implementing the coarse tuning RPN like you are trying to use might be a good idea.

I do see the real issue you are trying to deal with is taking a fixed octave input range (from the warbl) and applying an octave shift on the instrument side of things. Another thing you could do would be to introduce another app in the pipeline that can do MIDI filtering and transformation like Midiflow or MidiFire, and have it do the midi transpose...

Glad to see another WARBL user out there... it's my favorite wind controller!

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