Transpose to Different Key

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Transpose to Different Key

Postby N8908Z » Mon Oct 23, 2017 12:35 pm

The handy "sharp/Flat" button in the upper menu bar transposes the screen keyboard notes to the selected key. I have a wind controller for MIDI input. The handy "sharp/flat" button does not transpose the notes when played on my wind controller (yet the screen notes are transposed). Is there a critical MIDI option that I have not set for the transposition to activate via the wind controller?
If I use the "Prefs-MIDI-Input Transpose" set to a value other than zero, then the wind controller plays transposed notes. It would be simpler in live performance to just select a transposed key from the upper menu bar.

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Re: Transpose to Different Key

Postby Jesse » Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:34 am

The one from the menu bar is just to set the key of the touch surface interface, it isn't a "transpose". You can actually have split surface setups where each split is a different key and scale also. MIDI control is intentionally kept separate from the touchscreen surface control. But clearly the midi input transpose control is rather buried if you need to use it often, I admit. One workaround that may do what you want is to turn on the Input Scale Lock feature in the midi settings and turn off "white keys only w/Scale Lock". Then your playing from the wind controller will lock to the selected scale and key from the user interface. If you set the scale to Chromatic you will have regular playing capability, but you can then use the key setting buttons to transpose it. The note range may be a little weird with this very particular setup but its worth a shot.

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