Any one have a sample library for an 'Erhu' (2 string Chinese violin)

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Any one have a sample library for an 'Erhu' (2 string Chinese violin)

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Unfortunately cheap Erhu's like mine don't sound much like an Erhu, or perhaps I should say cheap Erhu's in the hands of a self-taught hack like myself lack that characteristic nasal, slightly raspy sound usually associated with the instrument. I currently am using an audio-to-midi converter with my Erhu and feeding the midi to TJ. The best sound I've achieved so far is using the cello samples, but of course that makes the erhu sound like a cello... not the sound I'm trying for. Does anyone have TJ compatible Erhu samples that they are willing to share?

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Hi, transco, I too am in

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Hi, transco,

I too am in search for a good Erhu sound both on my iOS and MacBook Pro. I think it is really difficult to play an Erhu instrument on the keyboard as being a solo string instrument, the nuances are very difficult to reproduce with a keyboard type of play surface although TJ can probably do a better job than most due to it's flexible volume control.

I have a couple of Erhu soundfonts that I can use in BS16-i, the Erhu in ProLogic, plus a few Kontakt libraries with Erhu Sounds (with keyswitches for the different articulations). I find the best way to play them is with the Akai EWI Wind Controller, works much better than the mod wheel or even a breath controller. if you do play the saxophone or recorder, it is highly recommended. Great for other string sounds, and of course any brass/woodwind instruments too.

I have been thinking about deconstructing the Soundfont file and construct a TJ instrument with the samples, but since I can use TJ with BS16-i I've been kinda lazy. :)

Let me know if you want to know more. :)

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