esf format ?

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Major Lee
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esf format ?

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Good morning everybody,

I have bought TJ for my ipod and I am trying to re-use some Thumbjam instrument samples ( . esf files) in nanostudio. But nanostudio only reads .wav files. So here are my 2 questions :

- Do you accept someone to do that (i. e. reuse TJ initial samples in a daw) ?
- How to convert the .esf file in a .wav file (mac os x converter ? or windows otherwise)

I really appreciate TJ and have created nice peaces of music with the sitar like and bass instrument in TJ, but I would really like to have the midi edition in TJ to rectify some micro tempo errors. That is why I would try to recreate a multi sample piano for example in nanostudio from the TJ samples (nanostudio has a new slice function that could help me).

Thanks for all your work and the affordable price you associate to it.

Best regards

Major Lee

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Congratulations, you are the

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Congratulations, you are the first in the 2.5 years TJ has been out to ask about the .esf files! You win.... well, nothing actually :)

The esf files are an obfuscated format in order to not make it *too* easy for other parties or devious individuals from ripping off the samples that make TJ what it is. Obviously, you can pretty easily record your own session in TJ by turning off any effects, playing a sequence of notes, exporting that, splitting/trimming and making your own instruments from them, so perhaps it is silly to worry about it. That said, there is no way for you to convert them to another format... I suggest that you just do what I suggested in the previous sentence.

I do not want the instrument samples to be re-distributed or re-sold in any way, but you can make personal use of them.

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>to rectify some micro tempo

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>to rectify some micro tempo errors
Not just for ThumbJam, but I have Melodyne and have used it for not just vocals, but even to get MIDI information from a drum WAV.
It supports micro tonal now, if that's what you meant by "micro tempo".
They have a trial version of it so you can test it out.

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