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Thanks for your advice. It's

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Thanks for your advice. It's like in the other thread: The "sampledirs" contain data and my "Uploaded samples" on the main page are also still there, but "Recorded Instruments (SampleSets)" is empty and the presets obviously can't access the samples. Not too bad in my case, because I have TJ with all the sounds on a second iPad and could export them back to the first...

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Hungry for more TJ

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Hungry for more TJ instruments ;-)

I have downloaded some from this forum and found some really awesome ones.
Any other user site or samples where i can try out some new sounds ?

I see requests for soundfont support so TJ could suddenly have hundreds of new instruments !!

I tried creating a slide guitar instrument but it sucked since I didnt have all the notes or something but was not able to get the smooth pitch bends. Love to try new and ethinic instruments and some ambient pads !


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I love the existing

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I love the existing instruments, but if we're talking about a wish list...

- Pizzicato string plucks

- Accordion

- A swirly sixties-sounding organ

- Castanets!

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