Loops and effects ?

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Loops and effects ?

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Hi everyone ,

Is there a way to add fx to the loops that we import ?
I would like to change the tempo or maybe add some fx like reverb or delay to the imported wav loops....I know that it's not what TJ is supposed to do. :-).........but it's cool to have it all in one place !!
I haven't found any good looper that can do that...

One more question : I am looking for drum kits as instruments or drum loops that are out there...any recommended sites for easy imports into TJ?

Thanks for all the awesomeness !!!

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DrumTrack8 makes very nice

Post by jorgren »

DrumTrack8 makes very nice drum loops you can paste into TJ. It also (like TJ) lets you create your own kits. In fact, I once sampled a bunch of noises (banging on objects in my office) using TJ, then edited them on my computer. I transferred the sounds to DT8, made a collection of drum machine loops, and exported the whole thing as a big loop to TJ. The result is very pleasing.

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