Sharing two instruments, one sample set

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Sharing two instruments, one sample set

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A few months ago I downloaded some unfiltered Monotron samples and made a Thumbjam instrument from it. Version 1 is just the raw saw wave, to run through a real Monotron filter. Version 2 is the same, but with the addition of a low pass filter on the x axis. I can download version 1 (titled "Monotron") using the WiFi server, but version 2 (titled "Monotron LP" is nowhere to be seen). I can play the instrument, I just can't share it.

Is there a workaround?

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Hmm, I think I know what's

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Hmm, I think I know what's going on there. There are a couple solutions, one which requires some manual intervention but I am happy to help. The first thing to try is to actually create a new instrument from scratch, name it something new (Monotron LP2) and use the same sample(s) you used on the first one. Then go and change the settings as appropriate and save the preset, but don't change the name. Now you should be able to grab that one from wifi transfer. If you still have problems, I can provide further help in getting the preset files out the "back door" and then you can make a single ZIP that contains both for sharing purposes.

I recently got a Monotron myself, they are a lot of fun. I ran a bunch of TJ instruments through it as a filter too, which is cool.

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