Clean Electric Guitar

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Clean Electric Guitar

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Hi guys, pretty new to ThumbJam, but what an awesome app! Anyway, thought I'd help out and record some instruments, so here's my contribution.
It's a simple clean electric guitar, with a bit of wah added. I based the instrument on the sample set of "Tampura", and tweaked it for guitar from there. I don't understand this .caf file though, so I recorded the notes as AAC - hope that's ok. Any impressions? Tips?

- more to follow.Image

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Hi there, nice one, installed

Post by mat »

Hi there,

nice one, installed it and playing with it right now. Although I'm not really using it as a guitar per se, I tweaked a bit controls and sample settings (mainly to not have notes stopped when released) and I like the glokenspielish sound it makes at high octaves as well as the dark timbre at low to very low ones.

Thanks for sharing

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