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Can you recommend a good setting for samples within an instrument to provide a realistic legato. Not sure if it should be a smaller percentage or higher percentage per sample. Samples are from an orchestral vsti in which legato works great with my external midi keyboard.

Also, i have a piano set I'd like to use that has release notes in addition to the key samples. ie, note C4 has two samples, the note itself and the sound of the key being released. I tried loading a zip for the instrument but it kept making TJ crash when i tried making an instrument out of its samples. Will there be or is there a way to use such samples in TJ.

Thanks in advance

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Many commercial samplers do

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Many commercial samplers do specific things to simulate legato with high quality. ThumbJam has a basic technique lets you choose where in the sample to start when it has to switch to a new sample when dragging around, but nothing more advanced. Often it is a trial and error kind of approach, and it won't always yield good results.

I would need to specifically add support for release samples in ThumbJam, it just isn't on my shortlist of features to add right now. With enough user interest it could be, however.

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