Tidying up (Pads and Synths)

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Simply go to Prefs/Wifi

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Simply go to Prefs/Wifi transfer and follow the instructions. It's working fine and is pretty simple to do but do not hesitate to ask if you need more help.

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awesome once again ! The

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awesome once again !

The volume on the 'Enthnic Percussion" is really very low ...is it possible to bump up the volume ?
"Ultimate Ana Pizz' is really good....maybe a similar one with violins would sound like a full blow orchestra...

thanks...love the pads and the strings one ..so please upload if you any more of those :-)


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Sorry about EP. I'll see what

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Sorry about EP. I'll see what can be done on my end and then replace it in the link. I use the other kits more often, but when I put that post together, I noticed it just laying there and threw it in as well...should have checked it more closely.
As for UAP, I am working on some more combination instruments. I've run across a killer strings sound, very full, that I'd like to put in with guitar and others. But I'll post it separately, too.

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Thanks a lot for sharing

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Thanks a lot for sharing again! Great sounds as usual.

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