ugh MiniLead

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ugh MiniLead

Post by ughoenig »

A Minimoog lead sound for your TJ.
"Attack Time" on the sample edit page can be used for nice sound variations. Try a value of 30 to 40 ms for example.
Uses two samples. The loops could be better, i haven't found a way yet to adjust them perfectly. Maybe somebody can do this and post the sound again.

Have fun,

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Nice! I will tweak the loop

Post by Jesse »

Nice! I will tweak the loop points, it is best to load it up into an audio editor and identify the sample numbers there, then enter them into the appropriate fields in the .flot file. In the future TJ will have a useful sample editor that will let you see the waveform, zoom, and specify precisely. Until then, you have to do it manually to get precision.

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Thanks a lot for

Post by thumbtrond »

Thanks a lot for contributing, Uwe!
I wish more users would share their sounds.
Come on, you thumbjammers!


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Thanks, thumbjambro. It

Post by boxturtle »

Thanks, thumbjambro. It rocks!

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Hi, Ughoenig. Thank you for

Post by inrock »

Hi, Ughoenig.
Thank you for your sharing samples.
I made this video using your sample "ugh MiniLead".
Have a nice day.

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Thank you! Awesome sound

Post by Zappafrank »

Thank you! Awesome sound please keep them coming ;)

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