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To be honest, to get loop

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To be honest, to get loop points right you really need to do it in an audio editor on your computer. Audacity isn't bad (good enough for me most of the time), but I'm guessing some of the big $$ software is nicer for this. You need to really get in there and find places in the waveform that match up and set the loop point at right sample. You can do some with crossfading too (TJ will attempt this a little for you). In the future I really would like TJ to have a built-in user interface to make this easy, just haven't had the time.

It sounds like you need to consult the sticky post in the Instruments forum and get into making the instruments directly by editing/making the .flot XML file. It really isn't too hard.

By the way, I have scripts to generate instruments if the samples are one-shot or not looped, and the files are names properly, I might consider posting them for use by folks like you. If you're not afraid to do a little bit on a commandline, running a python script on a directory full of your files will just generate the .flot file for you.

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Jessie, I'd appreciate any

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I'd appreciate any extra tools for experimentation. I've been using
several automation tools already, such as Autohotkey, Wavosaur (audio
batch processing), and DOS. To automate renaming of files to the
velocity drum template, I used this simple batch renaming script
(primitive, but it works). Windows automatically renamed the 8 files
to the sequential crash (1).wav, etc if all 8 are highlighted and the
first file is simply renamed to "crash". Putting this batch file in
the same directory renamed the files to the original set I made.

Obviously, this is more complicated, especially since I transfer back
and forth for the flot patches. Another script would be wonderful.

Also, I got the one-shot function to work. I had to press on the
pitched and then one shot to convert it to one shot even though I
designated that first. So I will post some sample sets once I've
figured out the numbering sequence a bit through some trial and
error. Unless you can tell me the order the sequence will be assigned for a set of single shot samples?




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Hi there! Am loving the

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Hi there!

Am loving the drumkit! Check out the song I made with it:

I can make the ThumbJam session available for download, let me know if you're interested and I'll post it.



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