How do you set up thumb jam and protools 11?

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How do you set up thumb jam and protools 11?

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I'm new to Thumbjam, I'd like to record live into a track in protools 11,
I've got Thumbjam on my iPad, with protools on a macbook pro 17, and the pro audio axiom 61 for midi controller ( axiom 61 connects via mbox2 to the macbook)

Thank you for any assistance,

bones in ft lauderdale

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The easiest way is to just

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The easiest way is to just plug a stereo line output from your device and into your computer's audio interface to record just like any other analog instrument. Was there something specific you had a question about (1/8" cable selection, etc)? What audio interface do you have for your computer?

There is also a new device from iConnectivity called the iConnectMIDI4+ which lets you do digital audio passthrough from an iOS device to a computer (or other iOS devices). This is probably overkill for you, but just thought I'd mention it.

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