thumbjam + midi keyboard

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thumbjam + midi keyboard

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im trying to connect my midi keyboard to thumbjam but am having difficulty. thumbjam recognizes the keyboard in the midi input and output connections section, but for some reason thumbjam wont let me select voice input for my keyboard. i can select clock input for it. in the midi output connections section, voice output selects automatically but i can't de-select it in order to set my midi up properly so i can play thumbjam from my keyboard. really bizarre. am i missing something?
any suggestions?

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What do you mean when you say

Post by Jesse »

What do you mean when you say "won't let me select voice input"? Is the item for your keyboard in the Input Connections section missing, or does the VOICE INPUT button not select, or does it not actually play TJ when it does?

What is your keyboard, and are you connecting it directly to your iPad using USB and the camera connection kit, or are you using some other MIDI interface? If you can give me all the details of your setup, and screenshots of the Input Connections portion of the MIDI configuration, that would be great.

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