Bank 00 for User Samples?

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Bank 00 for User Samples?

Post by dub »

Hi, I'm searching for an app that will load (and play) my own imported samples after recieving a program change/bank select message.

Thumbjam seems to be the right app, but
I read in the manual:
"Program changes after receiving a bank select of 0 will load the Default preset instrument with the given index, as displayed in the Instrument Preset list's Default section."

And my sequencer (korg EMX) can only send bank select messages of MSB 00 and LSB 00 or 01.

Does this mean I cannot access the saved user-presets by using the EMX for controlling thumbjam?
Or can I overwrite the default presets/instruments/samples with my own?
Or is there another workaround, or did I completely understand something wrong?

Thank you very much and please excuse my bad english...

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If you can get it to send a

Post by Jesse »

If you can get it to send a bank select (MSB) of 01, that will let you use program changes to pick your user presets. Looking at the EMX user's manual they chose to use the LSB unfortunately, which is unusual. I don't think there is a workaround at the moment, even apps such as midi bridge don't appear to be capable of re-mapping values of midi CC events.

There is one way you can possibly work around the issue. If you export your created instruments, and then re-import them, they will show up in the Default section. You will need to name them so that they show up first alphabetically, perhaps by prepending with several 'A' letters. Use the WiFi Transfer feature to do the download and upload of your user instruments.

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