Hidden Usage?

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Hidden Usage?

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My 2-year-old loves Thumb Jam, and he pretty much rocks at it! He's figured out loops, recording changing instruments. Very cool and I want to save it all as his first recorded music. The problem is, the usage shown on my Ipad for Thumb Jam is up to 4.9G. I've looked at all the files available via wifi, as well as those I can see in the Itunes setup for my iPad and all of them together don't even come to 1G. Where is all the rest of this storage, how can I see it and how can I offload it? I need that space!


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Wow, good question! I'd like

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Wow, good question! I'd like to know where that kind of buildup is happening, especially if it isn't obvious from the contents you see in the Wifi transfer interface. The first place to look is actually within the Default loopset. Point your browser to your wifi transfer URL and append '/LoopSets/Default.loopset/sounds/' to it. See how many/much junk has built up in there, which is a known issue. Then delete the Default loopset from the main wifi transfer page.

If that wasn't it, then please download all the saved files (loops, sessions, samples, loop sets) you want to save to your computer via the wifi transfer (yes, one at a time, or one loop-set at time). Then you can safely remove the app and reinstall it. But I would really like to know where all the space went. There is a tool for the mac or PC that lets you peer into that space, without any jailbreaking required called iExplorer http://www.macroplant.com/iexplorer/ . You can download a free demo and then help us both figure out this issue!

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