Where is my imported WAV?

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Where is my imported WAV?

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I imported a WAV file via the iTunes Document sharing area. I found it in "Import from Shared Docs" From there I imported it successfuly via ->Samp. From here on I can´t find it anywhere. I searched in "Download Samples" but its nowhere.

What am I doing wrong?

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Samples are available to add

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Samples are available to add to new instruments you create with Sound->Create new instrument->Import.

If you were trying to import it as a loop instead (and working around the bug that prevents it) you can find it in Prefs->import/export-browse audio to export in the samples tab. Then select the one you want, and press Copy to get it into the pasteboard, then go back up and do Paste Loop. Then it will show up in the Load loops area.

Sorry for all the trouble!

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