Bugs and New Impression for Improvment

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Bugs and New Impression for Improvment

Post by Scuddy »

Hi there,

first i have to talk about the Bugs i found.

1. Of course the loop Bug wich destroys ur Tj but i read u working on a fix for that. I have to say on my ipad it happens if you save a loopset where the loop beat is a part of.

2. In Sounds where u got LPF on an Axis like " The Wahtooth" is a problem when u play more notes. If i play a C1 in in basement and a G2, the second note get the LPF set from the first. That means und cant play the C1 one with a low LPF and the higher note without LPF.

Improvment u should do:

This is may kind of rude but dont get is as that cause i what that ur app gets buyd many times.
There are tons of other music apps wich are good to so i wrote on a paper what u should have to do to combine the positiv aspects, apps lipe IKaossilator, IMaschine, Tabletop etc.

First ur app got by far the best soundquality wich make u app useable for professional music making but there a few little thins u should change.

1: On Ikaossilator the quantize really rocks. There a lot of people that dont make music that much but got alot of fun with it. On IK i cant set the quantizing on 16 or 32 etc and play someting, is my melodie off the quanti drags the notes in the right postion so can make any wild movemend on my pad to a great loop. But Ik dosent got ur soundquality and freedom on scales, notes and vibrato.

In my opinon, if u change this and add an a option like "full quantizing" everybody can make a beat wihtout getting in rage cause there play of and it makes this app more live useable. There sometimes on IK i got a melodie in my head played it wrong but the "wrong" quantized verison sounds like a total new melodie and its rocks so i really think u should add the feature.

2. Pan direction. What makes a piece of sound makes sounding professional, the correct Pan direc. in the mastered version.
I tried to do a piece in TJ wich should sound like its masterd, so i took base played with 2 Hands the same Note in the very right and very left that the stereo effect is full there. After that i made the main melodie more in mono direction and it really sound like its masterd but i dont got 2742930 fingers. If i want to play 2 Notes in full stereo at the same time i have to take 2 hands and 4 fingers and its really hard to tap on the Ipad 100% the right notes.

Add and feature wich like "Full stereo" where u can turn it on or off but the better verion was kind of bar with 2 nobs where u can adjust the sound for the right and left pan.

Hope it will help i will work a few new things for u guys out but in more detailed version.

I <3 TJ

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The LPF X-axis thing is a

Post by Jesse »

The LPF X-axis thing is a known limitation, not a bug.... currently the LPF is instrument-wide, not per-touch, so the first touch gets the control of it for X-axis. Obviously for tilt control it affects the whole instrument. In the future I might extend it to be full per-voice, there was an implementation complexity with the current design that made it troublesome.

Yes, many people have requested a quantize feature. There are two different kinds that could be added, 1) quantize during loop record... so the resulting loop's notes are quantized after you finish recording, and 2) quantizing to the grid when dragging a finger around. I think both will end up in TJ eventually.

So you want a fixed pan control for the instrument, so you don't have to use X-axis with your fingers jammed into a certain position? Good feature request!

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The Idea with the Pan, dont

Post by Scuddy »

The Idea with the Pan, dont think of a Axis Feature delete more about an added Option wherel u can use both.
The Axis Pan for Kind of Melodiepan and the Other One to Pan very accurate.

I Said dont get ist in a rude Way dude ;)

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Another vote for quantizing

Post by Yann »

Another vote for quantizing notes (either during play, or after the loop completes). Similar experience as Scuddy in iKaossilator.... where wild gestures map into unexpected musical patterns. It's simply magical... Also, it would save me alot of time manually editing my loops in Hokusai to correct for minor mistakes in timing.

(I <3 TJ as well)

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