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"Loop-Pattern" and just some ideas..

Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2010 7:53 am
by fidrizz

first - great great app! Its not just another music app - it use the hole power of the sensors and thats cool!

I have some ideas for you which would make Thumbjam even better for using it as a "standalone" music app (in my case, im working with different apps like beatmaker and some synthz and copy/paste all the shit form one app to the other..bla)
the idea of having just "audio-loop" without a sequencer is still cool - but you just need "Pattern-like Loop Sets - More Loop sets to mix them in someting like a "Loop-set-sequencer" You could do this by adding a copy-feature of each Looptrack - so you could just copy a 2-bar loop 10 times, and then just add some guitar, that is starting at bar 6...just a example, but you have to implement something that give the user the power to record a hole song with variations, without starting everytime from the beginnig - i made some tunes and recorded a guitar for several bars, the i made a mistake in the last bar - shit - i had to kill the hole recording because of that :-) thats the next thing:
recording may be better, if you could record from every Bar you like - just a simple number - you have a 8 bar loop - i want to record from 6-8 bar - this would also solve the "stop-problem" - (if you dont stop the recording BEFOR the end of the loop, youre screwed! :-)

Oh yea - and - a Multi-Sample function for selfmade instruments ;-)

Just some ideas! :-)