Loopset Export - Loop Start Points

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Loopset Export - Loop Start Points

Post by jorgren »

When I export a loopset, each exported loop starts at its first note. This means that I lose the relative timing of the various loops in the set. Is there a way to recover the timing offset?

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Using session record and

Post by mat »

Using session record and exporting the end result may work (reload the loopset to get everything back to position zero may help, even if I'm not sure you need to do it).

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When quantize start is turned

Post by Jesse »

When quantize start is turned ON, all loops will start in sync with the start of the first loop, which makes it easy to export and use elsewhere. Understandably, you probably prefer that quantize start be off (as do I), and the files are written as you found them and the relative timing offset to the first loop is stored in an XML file (meta.flotls) along with the sound files. It is possible to go in there, look for the start_master_offset attribute of the loops and adjust them in your DAW, etc. If you use Ardour (Mac or linux) there is a session file in the export that does handle the offsets for you.

The other alternative is that the export process could re-render all the sound files to have them start together, probably the best bet, but time and resource consuming for you the user.

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Thanks Jesse, I'll look at

Post by jorgren »

Thanks Jesse,

I'll look at the flotls file and see if I can decipher what I need in there.

And yeah, I was so happy when the option to disable quantize start became available. I don't expect I'll turn it on again.

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I am having trouble importing

Post by branlory »

I am having trouble importing loops created on Thumbjam (with quantize start off) into Logic and Live.

When I import the loops from a Thumbjam session into Live, Live invariably calculates the wrong average tempo, and horribly modifies the tempo of each sample. I have spent countless hours putting the correct tempos and nudging warp markers, to no avail. Live doesn't like working with samples that don't have beats precisely on the bar.

So I tried Logic instead, placed each sample in a separate track, and nudged them to the right according to their start_master_offset value on the session's meta.flotls file, which I converted from samples to miliseconds.

But I think I'm doing the conversion incorrectly, as the loops aren't in sync... (For instance, I have a loop with a start_master_offset of 84736. I created a silence of 1.9214ms (84736/44100) and placed the loop right after it, but it isn't in sync. It's in sync at around 01:00:01:18.64.)

Any suggestions?


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