Android's chances

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Android's chances

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I've been keeping an eye on Android though and it seems until now, they had the openness a dev would like but not the tech. So I'm asking, after this article: ... s-missing/

What else needs to happen before the Android platform can see an app like TJ knowing Android isn't where it needs to be yet?

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Good article. Basically he

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Good article. Basically he stated most of the issues, first the audio thread needs elevated priority to avoid being affected by other stuff on the device, and it needs to provide a low-level native interface to the audio hardware for there to be any chance of getting the kind of low-latency that ThumbJam demands. There are many ways for them to screw it up and second guess the people who really know what they're doing.

As for ThumbJam specifically, all of that would need sorting out before I even thought about porting anything over there. Most of the UI would need to be redone, since I chose to use Apple's native Cocoa Touch instead of OpenGL for the interface.

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