What is your favorite Drum Machine iPhone app?

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What is your favorite Drum Machine iPhone app?

Post by sluz »

I'm looking for something with Audio Copy/Paste functionality.

Anyone use any of these apps?

Instant drummer
Any others?

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Beatmaker is my favorite, no

Post by Zappafrank »

Beatmaker is my favorite, no question. Was the first app that really opened my eyes to mobile music creation. Be warned it's not cheap (but well worth it) and it has a bit of a steep learning curve, but it is well worth your time.

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Beatmaker is unbelievable. I

Post by zontar »

Beatmaker is unbelievable. I like iDrum too, but Beatmaker is da bomb.

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I got put off by some of

Post by jorgren »

I got put off by some of Beatmaker's issues, such as handling clips no more than 4 bars long, and no ability to do melodic lines. I see the latter has been fixed, but I haven't had time to go back to it (though I have updated).

I find DrumTrack8 to be extremely easy to use It too only handles short phrases and no melody (not in a practical way anyhow), but given the instant ease of whipping up beats, I'm happy enough handling melodies and loops elsewhere (e.g. ThumbJam). I'm eagerly awaiting the next release (already in review at Apple) to add custom kits.

What we desperately need is a DAW, and I am counting on Multitrack to handle that, once it has copy/paste.

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