Is "thumbjam" the best name?

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Is "thumbjam" the best name?

Post by paco »

I love the app, but I can't stop thinking that the name "thumbjam" sounds like something else. There's another app named "sound fields" that is a lot more like jamming with your thumb, but it doesn't come close to the real thumbjam in capability.

I believe this app is destined for greatness. Composers will compose for it. Can you imagine "Tocata in D minor for thumbjam and piano"? Neither can I.

So I think you should consider changing the name. Since it uses the fingers ("dactilos" in Greek) to make sound, how about something like "dactilophone" or simply "dactilon"?

Just throwing this out. I'm sure people will come up with even better names ;-)

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I agree completely with Paco.

Post by suprandr »

I agree completely with Paco. Not that thumbjam isn't nice, but it doesn't fit in what this wonderful software really is :)

Creative Touch?
Music Touch?

(as suggested by a friend of mine) FingerMusic? MusicFinger?


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Another vote for the current

Post by eMicBra »

Another vote for the current name. Clever and memorable IMO.

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I love the name. It's way

Post by zontar »

I love the name. It's way better than "Toejam" any day.
This app is so great I'm gifting it to my bandmates! Thank you!!!

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And it sure would be a shame

Post by jorgren »

And it sure would be a shame to lose that pretty thumbprint icon!

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Dactilophone? I don't think

Post by boxturtle »

Dactilophone? I don't think that would work, Paco. At all. And "sound fields" doesn't make me think of jamming with my thumb. In fact, I don't think I've ever thought of jamming with my thumb. In my entire life.
Toe Jam, would be catchy, but would no doubt alienate the gals. I like Thumb Jam.
This is the creator's baby and he deserves to call it what he wants and I think he chose a good name.

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Try rocking out while you're

Post by Turner »

Try rocking out while you're driving.

NOW does "thumbjam" seem more appropriate??!?

Thought so.

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i like dactilon

Post by matimaui »

i like dactilon

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Thumbs up for ThumbJam (which

Post by mat »

Thumbs up for ThumbJam (which I mostly use with my thumbs down though, life is strange sometimes...)

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I came across the app through

Post by Steve_0 »

I came across the app through the App store's Genius recommendations. ThumbJam was what made it stand out. The name describes the app perfectly, and is catchy. The suggestions here are all less informative, and fit the app less. Stick with the original IMO.

One thing though, I do love that logo, but I wouldn't mind an update to the text font. I don't know, the retro look doesn't seem to fit such a modern application... And the logo, I love the idea, but it could be put together a bit better I think.

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