Archiving taking a long time

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Archiving taking a long time

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Here's my problem. I'm selling my itouch today, and I have to get all my music/loops off thumb jam. I'm trying to archive the files through wifi but it seems to take forever to archive a set of loops. It's been spinning for ten minutes already. Any ideas on how I can get this music off faster?

I try shutting down thumb jam and then reconnecting for wifi and then it shows the archived file ready for download???? Why is it doing this?

...Thumb jam doesn't work well with Opera or Chrome browsers. You will get a hang when trying to transfer files by wifi. I tried IE and it went fast. Is there going to be any optimizing for other browsers? Do people still use IE?

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Another way to get the loops

Post by Jesse »

Another way to get the loops off without archiving is to point your browser at your http://YOUR_IP_ADDRESS_HERE:8080/LoopSets/ and you can browse the individual directories for each loop set and grab the WAV files from within them directly. You'll have to organize them yourself on the download, but you don't have to wait for the archiving process to zip them all up.

Tried Firefox?

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