Volume problem with Audiobus+Garageband

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Volume problem with Audiobus+Garageband

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When i try and record a Thumbjam sound in Garageband via Audiobus i do not get sufficient audio levels when recording in Garageband.Any ideas on how to get the volumes higher.Thanks.

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Re: Volume problem with Audiobus+Garageband

Post by Jesse »

It depends on the instrument, and how you are controlling it... some patches have volume controlled by tilt and if you aren't aware they could be less loud than expected. In general I chose not to produce quite as loud a signal as most other apps, because I wanted to leave headroom for layering multiple instruments together with looping etc, and the instruments are not compressed. Perhaps, you may want to reduce the level of your accompaniment tracks when recording with ThumbJam, then later you can mix the recorded levels in GarageBand?

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