massive overload in loop sets

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massive overload in loop sets

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Hi, i have numerous loop sets that save dozens of other loop sets within the folder. Here's a post from 2012 that another user posted, citing the same problem:


Trouble with loops

Bug Reports

When "browsing audio to export" I'm finding a confusingly large number of wav files.

A recent case was a loopset that had 4 instruments and 2 mic tracks - which I would expect to result in 3 separate loops in the export browser.

There are 31. Including some duplicate files, plus files from other loopsets (songs). The loops that actually belong in the set all appear to belong to the actual set all appear to be appended (ie "00_1.wav" and "01_1.wav"). There are duplicates, PLUS there are loops from other loopsets.

Can't figure this out... please excuse any ignorance here...

- KD Jones

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#1Submitted by Jesse on Sat, 12/01/2012 - 20:44.
Wow, that is definitely not

Wow, that is definitely not good, but I'm not entirely surprised it happened. I will look into it now, as I am preparing the next release. Did you save the loopset with a new name before you looked at the files listed within it?


Per the thread, I tried re-saving the loop set, but that UNDERSAVES -- it only saves several of the tracks i've recorded in that loop set.

So I end up with either too many wav files in a loop set (making some sets as much as 2GB), or too few.

Please advise!!

Many thanks

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Re: massive overload in loop sets

Post by Jesse »

Sorry for the late reply... I obviously haven't tracked this particular issue down yet, but I have an idea of what is causing it. The Default.loopset is where I expect most of the extra junk is starting out... and is somehow getting propagated to other saved loop sets.

To echo the old message from 3 years ago... I'm actually preparing another bug fix update soon, and I've put this issue on the list to tackle.

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