ThumbJam on Galaxy S4 Lollipop

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ThumbJam on Galaxy S4 Lollipop

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When will I be able to get your product for my Galaxy s4 5.0.1 lollipop?

The "Proffesional Audio Programming Guide" states:
1.4. Supported Platforms
• Samsung Galaxy S series and Samsung Galaxy Note series support Professional Audio.
• Android 4.1 (JellyBean API 16) or above support Professional Audio.

But when i try to run a "Proffesional Audio" app like yours I get the following error:
Sapa not running.

I might need: "SapaMonitor" and "jammonitorservice" running before i can use your app.

Could you guys help.. im stuck and i want thumbJam on my s4 really bad.

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Re: ThumbJam on Galaxy S4 Lollipop

Post by Jesse »

No, the S4 is not going to be supported by Samsung for the Professional Audio apps. So far only the Note 4, Note 3, S5 and above will support it... I believe some of the newer tablets will be supported soon as well. The store wouldn't have even let you install it on an S4, so I assume you tried to install it manually... it requires other packages and OS support to work properly as you discovered!

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