WIFI transfer issue

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WIFI transfer issue

Post by DarroS »

Hi, I´ve tryed to transfer some instruments with de wifi transfer option but the "download" button don´t work. When you press the button it open the instruments´folder but there aren´t files. Could be a problem from the new update?


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Ah, I see what you mean now.

Post by Jesse »

Ah, I see what you mean now. You are trying to download the "official" add-on samplesets that were downloaded in the app. There appears to be a bug in that case preventing the proper thing from happening there. In some cases I may not allow certain samples to be downloaded, but many of the ones for free download in-app are based on publicly available samples, which should be available.

If you create your own samplesets in the app (from imported or recorded samples), they are correctly downloadable after hitting the Create Archive link on them.

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