Sync problems after save

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Sync problems after save

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This is turning out to be a major issue for me. I spent a lot of time building a song comprised of a drum loop from the samples, bass, Rhodes. In my view, what you hear while you work is what you should hear after after you save it and then play it back but this sometimes does not happen. Ex: I add power chord to this loop at one precise spot and as the loop plays back you can see the chord progress bar is playing at the point in the 'powerchord' word where the p starts. I have no other way of telling you the timing. What I'm saying is that after watching the vertical lines move in the loops for an hour, you can see that some move precisely together at same point and others do not. I time entry of new loop by watching when the part comes around again. Sometimes I only want the power chord to repeat 4 times in the space of a 2 minute loop so I play the chord, and then I play nothing, but keep recording until the point comes around again when I want it to repeat. I hit stop recording and then I hear the power chord. So what I have is a two minute loop, mostly empty. If I just play the chord and hit stop, I will get a chord repeating every 4 bars, which i do not want. I just do not know why my 'work in progress' song gets messed up after save and playback.

On playback the chord starts playing right at the start of the loop not where it should be, throwing everything off. Why does this happen? And it's not just the one part, keys were also out of sync. What this forces me to do is load all the loops to another program on my computer and try, by memory (really defeats point of app) realign the loops.

Lately I have been forced to start recording the loop to my zoom player from audio speaker of itouch ( the synced loop in progress, before the save) in order to have a reference point when trying to sync the song on my computer. In this loop, only the bass and drums were in sync after saving and playing back. The other problem with avoiding saves, because it messes up the precise order of my song parts is that it forces me to keep working in live loop mode and the other day the program crashed and I lost two hours of work completely.

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Sounds like you have found a

Post by Jesse »

Sounds like you have found a bug. I too have occasionally seen timing issues when loading loop sets after save, that I have not yet been able to easily reproduce. Is it similar for you, in that sometimes it works fine, other times not?

Another way to do a backup recording is to do a session record in TJ which does record everything you are hearing to single stereo wave file live.

But what you really want is a non-looped track recording mode, it sounds like, regardless of bugs that currently exist.

With regard to crashing, could you send me any crashreports you have by following these instructions:

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I frequently have a sync bug

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I frequently have a sync bug that may be related.

After some time of using TJ the graphical display of the loop position with be fast by a beat. Saving and reloading seems to fix the issue.

Not sure if its related, but I thought I'd mention it... It happens after using TJ for a long period of time but is probably linked to deleting loops or delete last.

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