loop session won't transfer to download page

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loop session won't transfer to download page

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Loving the new 'play along with a song' option. My problem now is that I have a loop session I want to download. It's called 'say what'. I listen to the session in the app, and it's fine. When I try to download, I see the title on the page, but it's not the same session. It's an older session with the same title. It is also not giving me the archive feature, which it always does with new sessions.

I tried refreshing the page, logging out and back in, turning the 'wifi server' on and off and it won't refresh the new session with same title. If I delete it from the download page, it's also gone from my app 'loop sessions', even though they are actually two different sessions, and I have to start all over again.

Also, I'm recording single loops and finding them laid on top of other loops when I only want them as singles. When I start recording, I only see my current instrument, and there is no indication there is another loop in there, I finish recording and it's playing back two loops, causing me to start over again.

...okay I confirmed that renaming a session with the same name does not work. When I resaved my 'say what' session to 'say what 2' it now shows up on the download page right under 'say what'. It refuse to rewrite to wifi connection if the new session has the same name as the previous one.

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OK, lets go through the

Post by Jesse »

OK, lets go through the issues one at a time, I think I have explanations for all of them. First of all I assume when you said "session" above, you really meant Loop Set, because only those can be named and have archive features.

I think there might be an issue that when you save changes to an existing loopset that you already created an archive for, it doesn't properly get rid of the old archive so a new one can be created. I will verify that it is a bug. Your solution of saving it as a new name is a good workaround.

As for the mysterious phantom loops... does this happen after you do a clear all? Does the display update when you play notes or loops play? Check the Prefs->Options Update Display param and set it to Normal, just in case.

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