Depleting scales and instruments that are never used

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Depleting scales and instruments that are never used

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When I try to delete instruments I click sound->change instrument->edit
The red minus icon appear only in category tab (should be in every tab) and only for first category (acoustic). Could not delete anything else, e.g. bass.

When I do sound->change scale->edit
nothing happens. It is not good to have hundreds of scales when 95% of them are never used. Can someone please confirm this is error or is it by design?

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You cannot delete instruments

Post by Jesse »

You cannot delete instruments that came with the app (built-in). But any downloaded or created instruments you can delete if you go to Edit->Sample, click on the SampleSet button near the top, and in the Downloaded section you can swipe the item to delete it. From the Change Instrument page, you can delete Presets that you created (using the Edit button). If you don't like seeing all those instruments, you are welcome to create presets of the ones you use and then filter the view with the "User" tab.

Regarding Scale, again, most of those are built-in and cannot be removed. Only new ones that you create or download can be deleted using the Edit button there. But you are welcome to mark the ones you use as a Favorite, and then filter the list by favorites.

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